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Mosjøen Havn KF

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8663 Mosjøen



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(+47) 75 10 18 70


Kurt Jessen Johansson:

Phone: (+47) 958 66 094




Kjell Arne Jenssen:

Phone: (+47) 905 06 215 





(+47) 75 10 18 71


Welcome to the Port of Mosjøen



In addition to being a traditional trading center in Helgeland, Mosjoen is an important industrial city

and a hub for freight traffic from north and south, with routes to America, Europe and Iceland.

Geographicly the Port of Mosjøen is located right in the middle of Norway, in the southern part of northern Norway.

The harbour is near town senter, and have nearby location of several companies in the harbor erea.

Mosjøen has superb travel connections, as the railway station, airport and seaport, is within a few miles (kilometers).

Port of Mosjøen is the second largest cargo harbour in the Northern Norway, it is a modern and well developed harbor.

Freight volume of the harbor was at 1,107,378 tons in 2011. Of this, 86 217 tonnes of domestic freight and 1,016,455 tons of foreign cargo traffic. Broken down by type of goods was 616 447 tons of dry bulk, 299 148 tonnes of container lo-lo, 69 231 tons of liquid bulk and 122 552 tons of general cargo.


                                             Some foreign cargo traffic


Sentral harbours at port of Mosjøen

Harbour: ”Ny kaia” is 90 meters in length, and 8 meters in depth.

Harbour: ”Vestre kai” is 122 meters in length, and 5,5 meters in depth.

Harbour: ”Jernbanekaia” is 210 meters in length, and 5 meters in depth.

All these harbours are ISPS sertified (The international ship and port facility code)!


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Mosjøen Port regulations: Click here!


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Port Holandsvika (Holandsvika)

Useful for various industries
Quay length 60 meters
Quay depth 5.5 meters
Mobile crane
Bulk Boats with gravel and asphalt
Weight limit per. m2 is 4 tons.


Other harbours in the erea:


Alcoa Mosjoen/Alcoa Mosjoen Anode Harbour
275 meters in length, 8.3 meters depth.

Bergene Holm, Nesbruket Harbour
Length 45 meters, 12 meters depth.


Kolo Veidekke Harbour
Length 12 meters, 6 meters depth.


Mesta Harbour
Not ISPS sertified


StatoilHydro Harbour
Dock for the storing of oil



Tourist port/marina

Mosjoen has one of Norway’s finest tourist ports.
The tourist port accommodates visitors well, is sheltered from the utilitarian traffic.
And it is located just outside the city centre.
Mosjoen tourist port/marina



                               Part of the touristmarina




Contacts at Port of Mosjøen:
Port tlf: (+47) 75 10 18 70
E-mail: post@mosjoenhavn.no
Custumer care: (+47) 905 06 215




                                               Part of Mosjoen town

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